Production services working across all media….


We work directly with Marketing departments understanding the objectives and open up a conversation around different creative routes to market.

Reviewing both existing marketing assets and opportunities to film new content that is flexible and versatile to work across all media platforms and engage with specific and/or more broadly targeted audiences.

Always considering best value and creativity for maximum relevant consumer engagement.

We work with top crew, directors and editors on a freelance capacity, to secure best, appropriate to project, teams, whilst providing cost efficiencies.

Our own inhouse teams of editors and scriptwriters enable us to provide variant cuts and options, without ‘blowing the budget’

We offer a ‘pick n’ mix’ service too!

Each of our services can be offered as a separate unit, therefore if you require just scripting/storyboards legal Clearances, localisation of existing materials, you can cherry pick!


We offer scripting services, either with our in-house teams or with freelancers. With the flexibility on offer, we can ensure the right scriptwriters are working on your project.

We have over 30 years of experience from original conceptualisation through to adapting existing foreign materials for a UK market. We have worked with clients across the globe. All our scripts come with Clearcast (UK legal Clearance), so you know that nothing would be written that couldn’t be used for your desired media platform. Working across all genres from Kids to Pharmaceuticals and everything in between, we are very much aware of the challenges that can come in these respective sectors.


From your written scripts or working up scripts for you, we provide a storyboarding service.

With a pool of professional artists, we have many styles of execution on offer from simple to sophisticated.


With our broad expertise across live action, artists, special FX and CGI we are able to film a variety of styles appropriate to your needs.

Working with products from clothes, toys, food, drink and jewellery et al, we pull in the right teams to create the quality, look and feel required.

Our teams work across the UK and Europe, so we can go where the talent is right and the costs are keen!


Throughout the years we have had the fortune of working with many different formats from film to digital. This gives us the opportunity to share our experiences with you and consider the right technique for your concepts, with a pragmatic approach to cost efficiencies and value.

Whilst filming we are also aware that the filmed materials may be used for other requests down the line, so we manage extra filming where possible with no impact on your costs.


We have our own in house team of editors which enables us to provide editing packages to work within the provided budgets.

Creatively we will often edit images or content at pre-production stage to share with our clients to consider flow and communication, before we commence productions on high-end expensive systems.

With our team’s core background in editing, we have a strong understanding of story telling within restrictive timings, along with a clear vision of continuity when filming.


Working across a global market we have many clients wanting to air in the UK. For this we provide all of the following:

Setting up of script templates for initial Clearcastfeedback before filming occurs.

Communicate any challenges within the copy and visuals.

Scripts after filming.

Roughcuts– providing crucial timings of disclaimers and substantiation that may be required.

Final clocked ads – advising on technical requirement as set by Clearcastand the TV/Digital network.

Playouts to all stations working in conjunction with clients’ media houses.

CRI (copy rotation information) – communicating to all relevant TV stations and traffic departments regarding the airing of ads.

We provide re-edits and scripting where local communication needs to be different to the original plus and additional graphics and or disclaimers, clocking and sound adjustments.

Voice over selection.

Change of music if required.

Live Link ups for any global approvals required simultaneously with UK approval team.

Or cherry pick any of the above.

We work with experienced clients and also clients who are first time to TV and Digital in the UK.


We have worked with Clearcast (BACC in earlier years) and Ofcom for over 30 years, so are well versed in the challenges that may arise with copy and visuals.

Our relationship is very strong with Clearcast, working across many categories such as pharmaceutical, children’s sector, food and drink, gambling and finance. We advise our clients very clearly.

We offer Clearances as a bespoke package too, so if they have working relationships with agencies, we become part of the team to create a smoother work flow.


Well versed in all legal requirements to get programmes/adverts/digital to relevant platforms, we ensure that all is covered from negotiating licenses and contracts for artists to rushes owners and sound.

Year on year our clients productions are tracked and managed or we provide an adhoc service.


We manage distribution of your productions to any media platform required either working independently or with our clients’ media agencies.

Ensuring that delivery of those productions are on time for launch and airdates via industry systems such as Caria. Each process is tracked and recorded so all involved understand the requirement. Campaigns are then managed throughout the duration of the campaign, archived/banked for easy access for a future date.